Flowers Opening

  This morning I came across Kate Knapp’s poem, “Seeing in Three Pieces.”  Her last stanza grabbed me:

When a bulb burns out

we just change it –

it’s not the bulb we love,

it’s the light.

Knapp is reminding us that nothing lasts forever.  As we know, we’re born, we burn out, and the next generation replaces us as easily as light bulbs.  This rule of evolution applies to everything from the lowliest flea to the loftiest king – and even to our sun.  We’re all slowly fading.  The only constant is change.

Given this universal law, I think two things are crucial.  One is to “shine” the best we can.  The other, to love all that’s “shining” on us.

As I sit at my desk, “light” is coming at me from countless sources: The sun streaming through the window.  The smell of peppermint wafting from my tea.  My dogs napping on the rug beside me.  My friends and family smiling from photos in my bookshelf.  A pink hyacinth blooming in a vase by my computer.

As Knapp points out about the light bulb, I don’t love the flower’s hydrogen and carbon.  I love its fragrance and beauty – its “light.”  It’s shining on me as surely as the sun’s rays, and that’s what boosts my spirit and helps me along my way.

To shine some flowers on you, here’s a video I saved to show you in the dark and chill of winter.  The question is:  What besides flowers might be shining on you now?   It’s worth thinking about as you look around your world.  Enjoy!

8 Responses to “Flowers Opening”

  1. 1 Gisele January 29, 2012 at 6:10 PM

    WOW, I love your way of seeing, that would be seeing the light, not the carrier, anymore than the bulb or the flower. What a fantastic video. I never thought about flowers like this before but, thanks to you, will now. What a great wake up call! Thanks to your beautiful message I’m inspired to allow a greater amount of light through as well as to cherish more of it moving through all that is around us. I feel blessed by you!!

  2. 3 Linda Brandenburg January 24, 2012 at 3:53 PM

    Kristin! This is a sight for sore eyes! We do have beautiful sunlight today but this morning it was 4 degrees outside and we have 325 inches of snow that fell mostly in December and the first 10 days of January. I would get giddy at the sight of a crocus busting out in February when I lived in Seattle. This is a beautiful sight for me today along with the perfect music accompanying it. Thank you for the “light” you bestowed upon me today. I needed this.

  3. 5 Mike January 24, 2012 at 2:49 PM

    Very nicely put, and loved the video too! We’re shining on you from the bay area.

  4. 7 Green Knight January 24, 2012 at 2:33 PM

    nicely phrased. makes me want to listen to Procol Harum doing “Shine On Brightly.” happy year of the dragon!

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